Importance Of Lip Moisturizer

Lipstick or no lipstick, our lips need to have the moisturizer it needs, more of course if we always use lipstick.

So why is it important? Why do we need to dab on lip moisturizer form time to time and how often?

Let us first talk about the anatomy of our lips and answer a curious question of why our lips is soft and red? or pinkish or lighter compare to other parts of our body.

The skin of our lips are very thin, not unlike the skin on other parts of our body which has many layers. Our lips has only 3-5 layers. Because of that, our lips have less cells that produces the melanin pigment (the one responsible for giving the skin its color). And since our lips lacks color, the blood vessels are visible on the skin of the lips giving it the reddish look. Dark skin people on the other hand has more melanin on their lips that is why their lips are not that reddish.

But why do we need the moisturizer?

Our lip skin being thin and lesser layers, it has no sweat glands.. and we know how this sweat glands helps in protecting our skin with it’s release of body oils and sweats.. the lips having no sweat glands dries out faster thus resulting to chapping. That is why we need to wear lip moisturizer as often as the our lips needs it.

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